ExSqueeze Me owners

Who are we

We are Patricia and Kriss (Patrycja and Krzysztof). Originally from Poland, the UK has been our home for the last 14 years. At the end of 2017, we decided to embark on a new adventure by becoming shop owners. We now proudly serve fruits, vegetable, and larder ingredients to the people of Chester.


We believe, that by becoming a greengrocer, we must place the same importance on being the grocer as being "GREEN"



From the very beginning, every decision we made has been with the environment in our mind.

We understand that even a small business can contribute towards positive change.

To stay in harmony with our Planet we                      did this:

Environmentally Friendly Approach

Veg box van side
Juice - van side
Green energy
Heal the world

Our stock

At Exsqueeze Me, our customers can find a full range of fruits and vegetables, which are fresh, tasty, locally sourced in the season and if only possible - plastic-free. 

We also stock a good selection of non-perishables, including:

gluten-free pasta, organic pasta sauces, organic salad dressings, etc.   

For a detailed list of products click HERE.

  • in May 2020 we've purchased fully electric van - no tailpipe emissions

  • our electricity is 100% renewable

  • juices in returnable glass bottles

  • brown bags and reused plastic bags only

  • a huge majority of our products are sold loose,plastic-free 

  • straws for our smoothies are not plastic... great success!

  • we prefer  local produce

  • most of the furniture and appliances are refurbished and rescued

  • every till roll we use to contribute towards planting trees in the UK
  • LED light bulbs only
  • a wormery in the back of the shop