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All the small things we do to make our lives more sustainable add up.

Even a small business can implement many changes to be more environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Friendly Approach

To stay in harmony with our Planet we did this:

  • in May 2020 we've purchased FULLY ELECTRIC VAN - no tailpipe emissions.

  • We drove it for over 50k miles. That's a lot of market runs and veg boxes delivered without any tailpipe pollution.

  • our electricity is 100% renewable

  • brown bags and reused plastic bags only

  • a huge majority of our products are sold loose,plastic-free 

  • paper straws for our smoothies - a great success!

  • we sell local organic produce whenever is available

  • most of the furniture and appliances are refurbished and rescued

  • every till roll we use to contribute towards planting trees in the UK

  • LED light bulbs only

  • a wormery in the back of the shop 
Juice - van side
organic sign
Our zero waste waste zone
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